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Tips to Improve Managerial Skills

5 Ways Supervisors Can Improve Their Managerial Skills

  1. The Human Touch.
    The most valuable qualities you can develop within yourself are patience, kindness, and consideration for other people. Respect them as people, and you'll get their respect and loyalty in return.
  2. Don't Be Overly Critical.
    Encourage people instead of criticizing them. Praise them and they'll do more things right and discover talents and abilities they never realized they had.
  3. Be Available.
    Although you've got a lot to do each day, give your first attention to approving and reviewing projects your employees are working on that day. Don't frustrate them by being too busy to OK their work or give direction.
  4. A Personal Interest in People.
    Often, it is the little things we do for people (such as letting workers with long commutes leave early on a snowy day, or springing for dinner when overtime is required) that determine their loyalty to you.
  5. Be Open to Ideas.
    Don't shoot down a suggestion before you've heard it in full. Many of us are too quick or too eager to show off our own experience and knowledge and say that something won't work because "we've tried it before" or "we don't do it that way."

Source: AMI's How-To Book Taking the Step Up to Supervisor