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Title: Winter Driving - When the Rules Change (Concise)


Wintertime challenges drivers with a variety of hazards -- hazards that we experience at no other time of year -- hazards that can take us by surprise if we aren't prepared. But we can protect ourselves on the road if we prepare for winter driving, adjust to the conditions and remind ourselves that during the winter the rules for driving safely have changed.

This video dramatically illustrates the importance of adjusting our driving techniques when winter rolls around.

Training Points

  • vehicle preparation for winter,
  • adjusting schedules for winter driving conditions,

  • maintaining good visibility,

  • winter driving techniques for intersections, cornering, skid control, braking and slowing down

  • winter survival supplies and techniques.

Other Details

  • Product type: Video
  • Video length: 10 Minutes
  • Available languages:
  • A Release from: Ed Res