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Title: Powerlift: Lifting Training The Works


Most of us have been trained to lift objects with the traditional bend your knees and keep your back straight technique, but it just doesn't work.

This method forces us to overuse our knees and legs and our backs still end up bearing the brunt of the load.

Dr. Michael Schaefer has recognized the flaws of the conventional lifting technique and developed a safe, easier and stronger lifting position: the powerlift.

This technique keeps the back in a powerful and safe posture while an object is being lifted.

This program explains the five lifting techniques that have been derived from the powerlift position so viewers can move materials safely in practically every situation.

Training Points

After watching the videotape program, the viewer will be able to identify the following:

  • How the traditional squat lift is flawed and how it can harm the health and safety of the spine;
  • The basic principles of the wide stance powerlift;
  • How to perform the four other lifts derived from the powerlift concept: the tipping load lift, the tripod lift, the golfer’s bend and the lean-bar lifting technique;
  • How bridging can add strength and balance as someone lifts an object.

Other Details

  • Product type: Video
  • Video length: 19 Minutes
  • Available languages: English and Spanish
  • A Release from: ERI