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Title: It’s Up To Me (Concise)


Like its predecessor "I Chose To Look The Other Way," this video is based on a popular poem by Don Merrell and brings its powerful safety message to life through the combination of video and poetry. "It's Up To Me" makes clear that our standard excuses such as "I thought someone else would do it" or "That's not my job" are unacceptable when it comes to preventing injuries.

Through several injury scenarios, meshed with stanzas from the powerful poem, viewers will see both the right way and wrong way to respond to unsafe situations. After watching this video, your employees will be compelled to report or correct unsafe situations and understand that an injury-free workplace is up to me.

Other Details

  • Product type: Video
  • Video length: 10 Minutes
  • Available languages: Spanish
  • A Release from: Ed Res