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Workplace Training Materials is here to serve our government clients with ferver! We will continue to partner with you to bring the best in training to your departments and employees.

 Solutions for Government Agency’s

  • Last year the US Government spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on video training materials from private sector video producing and distributing companies.
  • Procurement specialists from US Government agency’s spent thousands of hours looking for reliable, cost- effective, sources to use when purchasing video training materials.
  • You can save your agency precious budget dollars by purchasing directly from Workplace Training Materials. We offer a standard 10% government discount that would be applied to any order placed directly through our offices.
  • Procurement people from your agency can save hours of valuable time by contacting: Rick McGrath, our assigned government point of contact.  For over 21 years, now,  Rick has been helping Government clients obtain the best video training materials at the best possible prices.
  • You can also use our fast loading, user friendly, website that is equipped with a preview area that allows you to watch entire videos for free so you can determine their potential usefulness. When in a hurry, you can use our shopping cart, to place your order online. We always confirm the details of every order via email. Hsing a Credit Card?  We call you to get your CC information.  We do not collect the information through our website to insure the highest level of security.
Current Government Agencies:

  • Federal - DOD, US Army (License agreement 2009) , USAF Several bases, (Multiple video purchase 2009),  DOE, NRE Casper WY (Multiple video purchase 2009)
  • State – State of Iowa 2009,  State of Arkansas 2009, Michigan OSHA 2009, Ohio Bureau of Workers Comp  2001-2009
  • County Commissioners Assoc – PA 2009, City of Santa Rosa, CA 2007-2009, City of Lakeland, Fl 2009, Solano, County CA 2007-2009